How to quote a 3D printing Online: step by Step Guide

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In this article, I give you a step by step guide on "How to Quote a 3D Printing Online", a process that has become essential for those looking to make their projects a reality in 3D.

We will explore the benefits of choosing PCBWay, a service provider of 3D printing on-line leader in the industry, and how their platform online quote facilitates and streamlines the quoting process.

With PCBWay, you will have at your disposal a wide range of materials, printing technologies and competitive prices.

As we move forward in this guide, you'll discover how to get stock quotes in real time, and customize parameters to tailor your project to your exact needs.

In addition, you ofrecezco detailed information about the payment process, order tracking and receipt of your 3D printing, ensuring a hassle-free testing experience from the beginning to the end of the project.

If you are looking for a reliable solution to your needs of 3D printing and you want to get accurate quotes in an efficient manner, this guide will take you through each step of the process and will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing on-line.

Advantages of PCBWay in Comparison with the Services of 3D Printing to Local:

The choice between a printing service 3D online as PCBWay and a local service can be a point of decision is critical when embarking on a project of 3D printing.

Below, we'll look at some of the key benefits that PCBWay offers in comparison with the services of 3D printing to local:

Wide Range of Options and Materials:

  • PCBWay offers an exceptional range of 3D printing technologies and materials to choose from.
  • You can customize your project to suit exactly your needs, from filaments of PLA resins and high precision, up to 3D printing in metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and Titanium.
  • (Local services can offer a more limited choice).

Competitive Prices:

  • PCBWay is proud to provide highly competitive pricing for 3D printing. This can result in significant savings in comparison with the local services, which often have higher costs.

Real Time quotes for:

  • PCBWay offers a process of trading in real-time that allows you to get cost estimates accurate at the moment. This saves time and gives you valuable information for the planning of your project.

Convenience and Accessibility:

  • The ability to make contributions in line with PCBWay means that you can start your project from the comfort of your home or office.
  • You do not need to move physically to a local location, which saves time and resources.

Quality and Accuracy Guaranteed:

  • PCBWay is proud to offer quality and precision in every print. Local services can vary in terms of quality, while PCBWay ensures a high level of excellence in each project.

The wider Community and Resources:

  • PCBWay has an active community of designers, engineers, and enthusiasts of 3D printing. This means that you can access a wide range of expertise and additional resources to help you in your project.

Follow-up process and Efficient Support:

  • PCBWay provides real-time tracking of your order, and a dedicated support team that can answer your questions and concerns. Efficient communication is key in comparison with the local services that may lack a system of follow-up course.

Youtube channel: PCBWay

The benefits of choosing PCBWay for your needs of 3D printing in line are clear. With a wide range of options, competitive prices, convenience, quality guaranteed, and a strong community of support, PCBWay stands out as a option reliable and efficient to realize your projects in 3D printing.

Step by Step guide to Quote a 3D Printing Online:

Below, we present to you a detailed guide on how to quote a 3D printing online through PCBWay.

This process will allow you to get accurate quotes and custom to your project in 3D printing.

Follow these steps to take your design from concept to reality:

Step 1 – Log in PCBWay:

quote 3D printing Online - Log in PCBWay
Log in PCBWay

Access the web site from PCBWay and sign up with an account.

Provide the required information, such as your email address and a secure password.

Once you are registered, be sure to place all your personal data and shipping address, to facilitate the quote.

Step 2 – Upload your Design:

Once registered, log-in to your account PCBWay. On the platform, look for the option to upload your 3D design.

quote 3D printing Online - Upload design
Upload Design

You can upload files in different formats, such as CAD, STL, OBJ, or other compatible.

upload files

Step 3 – Select Printing Options:

PCBWay offers a variety of options, let's look at that mean one by one:

  • Quantity: This is the amount of impressions you need to do the same piece.
  • Design Units: Is the unit of measurement expressed in millimeters, inches, or centimeters of your design.
Unit of measure
  • Material: This is the type of material that will be used and determine the type of technology to use.
quote 3D printing Online - select printing options
Choose the material you need, it can be plastic or metal

Below, you can see a list of the materials available on PCBWay, depending on the type of technology:

  • 3D printing FDM: PEEK, ABS, PLA, PETG, PC, ASA
  • 3D printing SLA (resin): White Standard (UTR 8360), We ® Ledo (White), UTR-8100 (transparent), UTR Imagine (Black-Grey), PWR Dark (Black), UTR 8220 (soft Green), Formlabs ESD Resin (Black), Somos ® Taurus (Black), Somos ® PerFORM (White ceramic), UTR Flex (White or Black), UTR Therm (translucent Red), UTR 3000 (Brown), UTR-8100 (translucent), Somos ® EvoLVe 128 (White), TDS EvoDent (Yellow wax).
  • 3D printing SLS (bed of powder): PA12, Glass fiber nylon(PA12+35% GF), TPU.
  • 3D printing MJF: HP-PA-12
  • 3D printing SLM (metal): Aluminium (AlSi10Mg), 316L stainless Steel, Titanium, TC4, Tool steel.

After you upload your design, select the print material you want to use.

When choosing the type of material, the technology of 3D printing is selected automatically. For example, if you choose "Aluminium," the system automatically chooses the printing technology "SLM".

If you choose "Resin", the type of printing technology will be "SLA" and you can choose the type and color of resin to use.

Make sure you choose the media that best fits your project. Please note that prices may vary from one material to another.

  • Surface finishSurface finish: PCBWay lets you choose between various types of finishing depending on the material you choose.
Surface finish
quote 3D printing Online - selector surface finish
Selector finish

Among the options available are, "Spray-Paint", "Galvanized" and "Sanding details".

Step 4 – Customize Parameters:

Adjust the parameters according to your needs. Let's see what mean these options:

  • Technical drawing: Means "technical Drawing", and you must keep in mind that the 3D file and the specifications of the part selected on this screen (for example, the surface finish) will have priority over the technical drawing. Make sure that the technical drawing is updated.
Technical drawing
  • Threads and Tapped Holes: This option will only have to check if your model is wearing threads and threaded holes.
Do your parts need to threads?
quote 3D printing Online - Option of screw threads and threaded holes
Choice of screw threads and threaded holes
  • Inserts: you must specify if your piece should carry inserts.
Specifies if your piece needs Inserts
quote 3D printing Online - Option of threaded inserts
Example of threaded Inserts
  • Part Marking: Is the marking of parts that can be "Silkscreen" which means "silk screen printing" or "Laser engraving", which means "laser Engraving".
Your pieces need to carry a brand?
  • Parts assembly: You must specify if your parts require assembly. PCBWay will not assume any risk of mounting if you do not choose the option with requirements of assembly.
Specifies if your parts require assembly
quote print Online 3D - requirements example of assembly
Example of requirements of assembly

Printing risk: At this point you have two options.

Risk tolerances

The above "Wall thickness risk taken"mark, if you know that the thin walls designed to not meet the standard of wall thickness, but you need to print it anyway, assuming all the risks.

Take risks if the walls are lower than the standard

The bottom option, "Non-standard printed threads risk taken"means "to Assume the risk of Thread printed non-standard" and should be marked only if you know that the screw designed to not meet the standard print of threads, but you need to print it anyway and take the risks.

Assume risk of Threads on non-standard

Other special request: This will be a place to indicate any requirement about the package of the product or shipping.

Other special requirements

With each adjustment, the platform will generate a quote in real-time to your project.

Step 5 – Quote 3D printing:

Get A Quote
  • Carefully review all the settings and options of your project.
  • The platform PCBWay will generate a quote, accurate and detailed depending on your selections.
quote 3D printing Online - order
Place order

After your order has been checked and approved manually by an operator, you can select the payment method of your preference.

Step 6 – Review and Confirm:

  • At this point you need to check the shipping information, make sure to put your address properly.
Shipping information
  • Choose your method of payment. Check thoroughly the quote to make sure all the details are correct and conform to your requirements.
Choose payment method
  • You choose the shipping option that best suits your needs. In the example, I selected the shipping is more economical.
quote 3D printing Online - choose shipping options
Choose shipping option

Step 7 – Make the Payment:

  • If necessary, makes adjustments to the settings or options. Once you are satisfied with the quotation, you confirm the order.
Make the Payment
  • PCBWay offers several payment options safe and convenient.
  • Complete the payment process according to the indications on the platform.

Step 8 – Order Tracking:

  1. Once payment is made, PCBWay will provide you with tracking information in real time of your order.
  2. You can monitor the progress of your 3D printing and receive updates on the status of your project.

Step 9 – Receipt of your 3D Printing:

  1. When your order is ready, PCBWay will send it to the address that you provided during registration.
  2. Get your 3D printing and check the quality of the printed product.

By following this guide step-by-step, you'll be able to contribute and receive impressions 3D high-quality, efficiently and conveniently.

Youtube channel: Editronikx

PCBWay will ensure that your project is done professionally and accurately, from the initial quotation to receipt of the final product.


3D printing online has become an effective solution to carry out a wide variety of projects, from prototype to custom parts, and final products.

Through this step by step guide, we've explored how to quote a 3D printing online, focusing on the experience provided by PCBWay.

The choice of PCBWay as your service provider of 3D printing on-line offers many advantages. From its wide range of options and materials to the convenience of trading from your own location, PCBWay stands out as a solution to reliable and affordable.

The online platform of PCBWay allows you to customize every aspect of your project and get accurate quotes in real-time.

In addition, PCBWay guarantee the quality and accuracy of each print, which is fundamental to the realization successful in your designs.

The possibility of following the progress of your order, and receive real-time updates is an added value that ensures an experience without complications.

To quote a 3D printing online through PCBWay is an essential step for those looking to give life to your projects.

This guide has provided you with a clear process and detailed that will allow you to get accurate quotes and custom. With PCBWay as your ally in the 3D printing online, you can be confident that your designs will be made with quality, precision and efficiency.

Don't hesitate to explore all the options and services that PCBWay has to offer, and begins to turn your ideas into reality via 3D printing on-line. Innovation and creativity have no limits when you have a reliable partner like PCBWay.

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