How to add a printer in PrusaSlicer

To add a printer in PrusaSlicer you have to go to the “Printer Settings” tab, open the “System Settings window” of the default printer and then click on “Add/Remove Printers”.

To add a 3D printer in PrusaSlicer, follow the steps below:

1. Open PrusaSlicer on your computer.

If you don't have PrusaSlicer installed on your computer yet you can check this post «PrusaSlicer: The laminator from Prusa Research»

Abrir PrusaSlicer
Open PrusaSlicer

2. Go to the “Printer Settings” tab

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - configuracion de la impresora
"Printer settings"

3. Open the “System Settings” Window

And then click on «Add/Remove Printers«

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - añade quita impresoras
"Add/Remove Printers"

4. Click on other brands.

If your printer is from another brand, click on "other brands"

Otras marcas
Other brands

5. Choose the brand of your 3D printer

Choose the brand of your 3D printer and click "Next"

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - seleccionar marca
Choose the Brand

6. Choose the 3D printer model

I'm going to choose a Creality Ender 3 with a 0.4mm nozzle

After choosing your model, click “next”.

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - seleccionar modelo
Choose the model

7. Custom settings

In the event that your 3D printer is not on any list, this is where you can put its name and configure it manually.

If you have already chosen your printer from the list then click “next”.

configuracion personalizada
You can configure a printer manually

8. Selection of filament profiles.

Here you can configure the filaments that you are going to use.

In my case I am going to choose all the generic options.

Configurar filamento
Choose the filaments you use

9. Automatic updates.

Select both options for the PrusaSlicer program to update automatically.

Click “next”.

Activar actualizaciones automaticas
Activate automatic updates

10. Reload from disk

According to the official PrusaSlicer page, this function is for when you want to replace the newer version of a model with the older version, without having to reconfigure things like custom supports for example.

you can read more here.

I'm going to leave it disabled. Click “next”.

11. File Association.

Checking these boxes will leave the .3mf and .STL files associated with PrusaSlicer.

This means that every time you double-click on a file, PrusaSlicer will open automatically.

If you use another slicer, don't select them.

Click “Next”.

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - asociar archivos 3mf y stl
file association

12. View Mode

If you are a beginner user you can leave the “simple mode” selected. This mode will be basic and without many settings to be modified.

If, on the other hand, you are a more advanced user, select the "Advanced mode" to have better control of all the settings and parameters.

Click Finish.

Modo de vista
Choose what type of user you are

13. Check that your 3D printer has been added.

Yours should appear in the same printer profile window.

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - impresora agregada
Make sure everything went well

14. Check the Platform tab.

In the platform tab you should see the plate with the brand or logo of your 3D printer

Como agregar una impresora en PrusaSlicer - plataforma con marca o logo
The platform should have the logo of your printer.

If everything went well, your 3D printer will already be added in PrusaSlicer.

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