3D Filament Dryers: Recommended Models

Secadores de filamento 3D modelos recomendados

3D printing has revolutionized the way objects are created, however for the best results it is important to use high quality filaments and ensure they are completely dry for quality parts. In this article I am going to introduce you to the different filament dryers…

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Threads in 3D printing (and how to avoid them)

Looking for information on how to eliminate threads in 3D printing, I found that they only talked about the retraction distances and the temperatures of the filaments, leaving aside other important factors. Today I want to share with you all the ways I found to avoid or eliminate threads in 3D printing. For …

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Temperature tower: Better quality in your 3D prints


We all seek to improve the quality of our 3D prints, so we always modify the most important factors that are temperature, shrinkage and speed, not to mention many other parameters that affect the quality of our prints. Today I want to focus on temperature towers and how to use them…

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Moisture in 3D printing filaments: Main consequences


The main consequences of humidity in the filaments are: Layers that do not adhere, Threads, Irregular walls, Leftover filament in the form of bubbles or blobs, Cracks or Gaps in the thin walls. Many 3D printing filaments have hygroscopic properties, which means they have the ability to absorb…

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How to change the size of the nozzle in Cura

Como cambiar el tamaño de la boquilla en Cura-impresion3d.website

To change the size of the nozzle in Cura you must go to the top menu, where the type of filament you are using appears and Click. Then a new window will open with 2 options to choose material and Nozzle Size. By clicking on Nozzle Size you can choose the…

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Warping, corner lifting.

warping levantamiento de esquinas deformación cracking-errores y fallas impresión 3d

The word Warping in English means "Deformation" or "Bucking" and is a term used in 3D printing to describe a common problem that occurs when a 3D printed part warps or bends during the printing process. This happens because the part cools too fast in...

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